How to Trade with Us

We really appreciate you considering trading your treasured kiddos items with us!


Trades are limited to 1 basket of your best. We'll provide the basket for you to lay your items flat. (a basket is a standard laundry basket, items cannot go over the top.) 

  • If you want to trade in bulk, we will accept drop offs of large bags (ex 13 gallon bag or larger or more than fits in one basket) in exchange for $10 in store credit per bag/bundle. Items must be clean. If we find garbage, dirty clothes or items we do not typically sell, we will deduct from the $10 and notify you if your final credit.

Condition: All items should be in excellent condition. Clothes should be freshly washed, free of stains, holes, frays, tears, etc. Rule of thumb…If you wouldn’t buy it for your own kiddo or for a friend’s kiddo, we’ll probably pass too. Make sure to bring us your best!

Clothing and Accessories:  We accept clothing and accessories for sizes Preemie to 8 and shoes NB to 3y. Occasionally we will not accept certain sizes due to high inventory. 

  • Brands such as Wonder Nation, 365 Kids, Garanimals, or styles that are not current but not yet vintage may be more suitable for bulk trades or donation.

Books and Toys: Books are always welcome. Make sure they are in good condition, age appropriate, and free of any damage. You can also donate books to our Little Library.

We love toys that encourage little minds to think creatively, especially those made of natural materials. These need to be in complete sets and free of any damage.

(Character clothing and toys are popular and fun however we tend to pass on them more often than not as they don’t sell well.)

*** We are not taking equipment at this time. ***

We are currently accepting items as trade for store credit or as donation. (side note: We are not a non-profit organization and cannot offer any tax-benefit for donated items.)

Store credit can be used on nearly every item in the store. Items that are in our local maker category or consignment are not eligible for use of store credit. You can exchange store credit for 15% off our new items.


Seasonal Schedule: We accept seasonal items for full credit as follows

Spring/Summer: February-July

Fall/Winter: August-January

  • Out of season is for partial credit