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Figurine Popsicles: Girl

Figurine Popsicles: Girl

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You can't not love these cute people-shaped popsicle sticks. Made of high-quality wood, theyre thin enough to be lightweight yet sturdy enough for crafting. You can paint them or decorate with markers or even glitter Their smooth, round edges and pre-sanded surface makes them an absolute delight! Crafters, youve found your tribe These craft people are perfect for making photo frames, party props, and holiday and wedding decorations. Or use them for really personalized (ahem) bookmarks. Come on, you know your craft is lonely without them;) Multitalented popsicle sticksBesides crafts, these people popsicle sticks are great for puppet shows, photo props, games and play therapy. Are you a teacher? These are must-haves for any classroom: kindergarten, elementary...Youll love them for teaching multiculturalism and inclusion. Or cultivate positive self-image by having your kids decorate the sticks to resemble themselves.

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