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ReMakery | Visable Mending Kits

ReMakery | Visable Mending Kits

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Introducing The ReMakery Visiable Mending Kits!

Join us in making a sustainable statement and prolong the life of your clothes with these Visible Mending Kits. Crafted from repurposed fabrics, each kit has everything you need to turn worn out clothes into a unique fashion statement! 

Also included, a QR code with detailed instructions!

Showcase your style while reducing waste - one mend at a time. Be a part of the change. Choose The ReMakery Mending Kits, choose a better future.

Purchasing these items helps support the ReMakery Tacoma and keeps items out of the landfill!

The ReMakery is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit  connecting people with recycled materials and reusable items.

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